Customer Journey Planning

The Customer Journey Planning is an integral part of the design process. The Harrison design team steps into the mind of each guest type (dine-in, carryout, private party, bar, etc.) to establish how they move through the space. We begin with reviewing the digital brand communication moving forward to guest arrival, how each guest type navigates the space, and ending with the post-journey. 

With each path, at every point along the way, we determine the function of the space, what the brand says to the guests and how it’s communicated, and what the guest is meant to feel. Through this exploration we are able to identify key moments along the way that will stand out as Signature Moments that become synonymous with the brand and the guest experience.

By implementing the key moments and features to be included in every iteration of the brand, consistency throughout the portfolio is easily achieved which leads to higher guest satisfaction, customer retention, and brand loyalty.

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