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Brand Strategy

What is Brand Strategy?

Your brand is a lot more than your logo, name or slogan – it’s the entire experience your customers have with your company, product or service.A brand strategy defines what you stand for, promises you make, and the personality you convey.

Why is Brand Strategy important?

1. It sets you apart from your competition.
2. Transforms your product and service from being a commodity into something that has a distinctive personality.
3. Maximise your brand’s relevance in the heart and mind of your customer.
4. Creates trust.
5. Expands your market share.
6. Provide you with a platform for growth through brand extensions.

The Harrison Approach

At Harrison, we work with our clients to develop compelling brand strategies for new products and services, as well as supporting client’s who are looking to reposition or redefine their brand positioning and strategy. In the same way that all people are different, our methodology helps to create a unique picture of a brands personality and points of difference. We believe that a brands personality, values and story all help to define it and what the customer connects with.

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