Strategy Workshops

Business Strategy Workshops

What are Business Strategy Workshops?

A strategy workshop brings together stakeholders to review the strategic, finance and marketing objectives of a business by reviewing what the company is trying to accomplish, current progress, required resources and plans designed to improve and anticipate future sales and performance?

Why is a Business Strategy Workshop important?

Companies are always facing challenges in their sector, so the need to regularly discuss where they are, understand any changes in external and internal factors and the impact these changes may have on the business is vital. It’s just as important to explore potential new revenue opportunities designed to support future growth.

The Harrison Approach

Our Business Strategy Workshops help define and establish a strong vision for your business, brand or product, defining the personality and brand DNA. Our proven methodology through thoughtful collaboration with our clients makes the approach effective whilst providing the foundations required to build a strong and compelling brand.

Throughout the workshop process, we bring key stakeholders together to build a deep understanding of their business audience, their marketplace, business challenges, opportunities and the emotive pillars that will drive consumer purchase decisions.

Some of the areas we explore include:
– Defining Your Vision.
– Target Customer Profiling and Customer Journeys.
– Competitor Overview & Market Positioning.
– Emotive and Rational Benefits/Motivations/Modes and Differentiation.
– Brand Archetypes
– Brand DNA (Core Values and Tonal Values)

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