Nando’s, Reston

Harrison brings natural materials to the design of Reston Nando’s


The design brief was to create an impact as soon as you enter the space. By creating a strong architectural 3D ceiling frame finished in a bold colour and filled with reeds we were able to capture the attention of the guests while retaining the brand essence. Coloured glass pendants and reed shades were used throughout the space to break up the harsh lines created by the ceiling. The change in lighting style helped create clear zones and intimacy, where needed. Geometric shapes and patterns found in traditional South African designs were used within tiles and fabrics to help reinforce the Nando’s brand and provide contrast against the bold blocks of colour used on the banquette seating.

The Nando’s brand has a tactile feel to it, so where possible raw materials and handmade tiles were used to counter fronts and walls. This use of natural materials brings to life the architectural environment, especially where we encounter large flat surfaces.

Interior design/Signage + wayfinding/Detailing
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