Seizing The Staycation Opportunity 2022

Staycation 2022

24th March 2022

By Richard


It goes without saying that 2021 was a tough year for hospitality business owners but with the massive rise of the staycation in 2022, the UK’s leisure accommodation sector has a unique opportunity to bounce back, drive sales and profits.

Harrison have created a practical checklist of simple techniques to help you to deliver a more engaging guest experience from a more marketable destination, whilst improving your bottom line. It includes expert insight from Ali Powell, Managing Director of Commercial Acceleration, who has has 25 years hospitality experience in diagnosing issues, helping businesses understand what great looks like, and set out a path to maximise both people and commercial acceleration, for transformational growth and turnaround.

Download your free copy of our Seizing the staycation opportunity 2022 for advice on:

– Identifying how spaces could work harder
– A more ethical approach
– Adding value to your guest’s experience
– Making an entrance to be remembered
– Finding what makes you unique

Our Staycation checklist to optimise 2022

We are offering hoteliers a discounted half day review session designed to help you identify new opportunities to drive your sales and profits, if you’d like to find out more, please drop me a line. Email me on

Our Staycation 2022 guide is here to help you.

– Leaner operations 2022
– Evaluate your operations to uncover efficiencies
– Optimise your checklists for productivity
– Get visibility & control to save managers time
– Improve communication between head office and sites
– Train, engage and retain teams
– Reduce overheads
– Make efficiency savings on audits, training, paper and more
– Use actionable data to keep improving