Recent Chipotle openings in the UK have totally exceeded our expectations:

Brand Evolution

25th October 2021

By Richard


Brian Niccol, chairman and chief executive of Chipotle, has said the brand’s recent openings in the UK have “exceeded expectations”. Last month, Chipotle working with Harrison, the strategic hospitality design consultancy opened its third bricks-and-mortar site in the UK this year, after launching in Canary Wharf.

Earlier this summer, Chipotle, which now operates 12 sites in the UK, worked with Harrison to open new sites in Chiswick and Clapham as it looked to expand into “London villages”. The Clapham location is the smallest free-standing Chipotle restaurant in the world at 712 square feet. Talking on a recent investor call, Niccol said that with restrictions easing, the business was making “nice progress” and implementing some of its digital assets, as well as beginning to “test alternative formats and explore new trade areas”. He said: “The recent openings have exceeded expectations with sales well above budgeted targets. I would say the biggest difference is the first time we opened our restaurants with our digital mainlines as part of the opening, and also having the access point of delivery. Hopefully, we can continue to get earnings in an environment over in the UK and then, ultimately, France, where covid is not putting restrictions on the business. So, we’re really excited about the results we’ve seen, but it’s early days and we want to make sure the performance is ongoing, not just at the opening.”