The Nine Elms Tavern

One of the final piece in central London’s riverside regeneration jigsaw was the multi-billion-pound private investment programme in Nine Elms – an area four times the size of Canary Wharf – which is now an ultra-modern residential and business district.

Our design brief for the Nine Elms Tavern was short, but far from simple: take a new-build shell at the foot of a large apartment block and transform it into a social hub for tourists and residents, driving a sense of community and maximising a breath-taking Thames side location.

 A Victorian ‘steam punk’ theme opens up into a modern space, creating interest, and softened with cleverly-chosen fabrics and furniture.

Nine Elms Tavern showcases Harrison’s expertise at overcoming architectural and bureaucratic restrictions to create a thriving hospitality destination for a broad range of customers.

Interior design/Signage + wayfinding
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