The UK owners of TGIF’s asked us to re-position this iconic restaurant brand, which was established in 1965, and has been synonymous with a celebratory take on life, indulgence and theatrical food and cocktails. Our brief was to re-position the brand so that is was more relevant and accessible to a broader group of customers, across all day parts from breakfast to cocktails with a live music backdrop

Underpinned by a brand essence defined as the “Original American Social”, the interior design ensured that TGIF’s remained authentic. The key was striking a balance between being fun in a less obvious and cheesy way. As with all TGI Fridays projects, the bar is the focal point and needed to stand out from the moment the customer walked through the door. From there, the rest of the Design stemmed off the bar, creating pockets of more secluded areas at varying heights of dining. We worked up various concepts to incorporate the key symbolic elements that are bound in TGI Fridays tradition.

Strategy/Interior design/Detailing
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