Nando’s, Cobham Services

The Design for Cobham Services was inspired by travel, but in a subtle and interesting way as these places act as momentary escapisms for traveller. The subtle travel cues are found within the booth benches, inspired by classic car seat designs, which sit beside two overhanging abstract tree screens, that give a nod to watching the world we live in roll by.

The African influences are clear, with large fabric wrapped woven lights that become a main focal point in the restaurant.  A lot of the forms were inspired by the existing architecture of the aged diamond shaped green copper cladding that protrudes into the restaurant along the glazed facade.


Interior design/Detailing
image one
image two

We first started working with Harrison 24 years and over 370 restaurants ago. Right from the outset, we have been impressed with the consultancy’s ability to constantly evolve our high profile brand, enabling us to keep it fresh and well ahead of our competitors. Steven Du Plessis, Global Design Director