Layne’s Chicken Fingers

Layne’s Chicken Fingers is an iconic brand founded in College Station in 1974, patronized by current/former Texas A&M students and locals alike. Layne’s approached Harrison to reposition the design for outside of its home market so it resonates with new customers whilst staying true and connected to the heritage of the brand.

The exterior pallet is quite simple with the use of brand color that links back to the first restaurant in College Station providing a simple backdrop to confidently display the new brand signage. We further developed many of the key brand icons such as the checked floor design that developed into a basket weave pattern that defines the dining area. The use of light wood finishes used on feature walls, ceiling rafts and furniture provide a perfect contrast to the busy floor design. On entering the restaurant the guests can enjoy reading messages left by customers sharing the affiliation and love for the brand whilst waiting to be served the much loved chicken fingers.

Interior design/Signage + wayfinding/Detailing
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