Executive Lounge – Hilton Birmingham Metropole

The key to unlocking the potential of this hotel was to find an authentic and honest connection with the city itself. Birmingham has developed into a place so much more than the hackneyed clichés of endless roads, grime and industry. That’s not to say there isn’t cause for celebration in some of the city’s industrial heritage – the city boasts some of the most ground-breaking post war architecture, and its product and craft innovation dates back centuries. Our insight research identified that recent investment and development has led to a significant demographic and social change. Birmingham is now one of Europe’s youngest, most creative, emerging metropolises.

Our design team took subtle inspiration from the Midlands 400-year glass making heritage that reached its pinnacle in the early 20th Century.

The Executive Lounge features hand finished speckled glass lighting and decorative glass screens which are complimented with furniture in jewel tone velvets.

Interior design/Detailing/Architecture
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The question we asked ourselves is how we could we reframe Birmingham and draw attention and reveal some of the lesser-known aspects to inspire and surprise visitors and locals alike? WELCOME TO THE CITY OF CONTRASTS. Today, it continues to maintain its position at the forefront of innovation – with recent investment and ongoing development generating huge demographic and social change. What was once known as the City of a Thousand trades is now one of Europe’s youngest, most creative emerging metropolises.