Bella Italia

Interior Design Project

Bella Italia, a leading Italian UK restaurant chain which has over 80 locations nationwide.

 We have just completed a refresh programme of over 20 restaurant sites, using modern and vibrant designs with an Italian emphasis. A transferable brand template was strategically overlaid with dynamic design ideas, all researched and custom-made for each location.  We used our skills and experience to elevate the excitement in each restaurant space and unite them under a common brand umbrella.

The results deliver a unique, authentic Italian experience, every day.

Interior design/Detailing

If you know that a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach isn’t right for your brand roll-out, then you should talk to Harrison.  In our opinion, every restaurant has to be an absolute match for its environment and for its customers.   We also believe that this doesn’t have to come at a cost.  Restaurant Group Concessions

Restaurant Group Concessions